Bonrix RetailDesk POS

Placement of RetailDesk

Below diagram covers the placement of RetailDesk,

About RetailDesk System


Bonrix RetailDesk POS

RetailDesk is an innovative Point of sale product by Bonrix Software Systems.
It is a one stop POS solution comprising of state of the art features which are must in any POS product.

Why RetailDesk

a. Free starter version & Initial Support
b. Works anywhere
c. Easy to customize and scalable
d. No Internet connection required
e. Compatible pricing
f. Variety of Business supported


a. Easy to use Sale Point
b. Split payments
c. Customer database
d. Wide range of hardware support
e. Easy system setup
f. Backup & Restore
g. Customized sale receipts

Best suited Industries

• Super Market, Retail Shop and Shopping Malls
• Garment, Cloth, Apparel and Footwear Store
• Food court and Tea and Coffee Shop
• Beauty parler, Spa and Salon
• Hardware and Furniture Store
• Dairy and Sweet Shop