Bonrix RetailDesk POS

Step by Step Process

Bonrix RetailDesk POS Comments
  1. Choose your plan and get Training :

     There are two commercial versions of RetailDesk
    a. Standard version with Rs 6800.00 and
    b. Premium version with Rs 12800.00. Choose which suits best for your business.
    If you are not sure which version to pick up, we will understand your business and suggest you the best plan. Once you buy RetailDesk, our support and training department will give you and your staff a thorough training of the software.
  2. Setup and Configure :

     After a successful training you can start configuring and customizing RetailDesk as per your requirements and needs. Add Products, Customize receipts logo, Customers, System level setting to make RetailDesk run.
  3. Sale :

     After setup, you are ready to rip the benefits of RetailDesk. Start selling your produts from Sales module. You can give ad hoc discounts, make Customer sales and Split the payments, Void and Park invoices.
  4. Analyze the reports :

     RetailDesk provides you very useful DSS reports like EOD report, Tender wise sale, Customer wise Sale, Sale summary report and even more reports can be customized for your business needs.
  5. Manage :

     Initial support and maintenance is free by Bonrix Software Systems. You can opt for AMC yearly and free yourself from regular software upgrades, data backups, support, trainings. As and when your business grows, your RetailDesk will grow with you!