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Bonrix Restaurant Management Software


Bonrix Kitchen Management - KOT Software for Restaurant

Bonrix Restaurant Tablet Ordering System - Order Taking App for Waiter & Captain

Bonrix Restaurant Billing Software - POS System Ahmedabad

Bonrix Kitchen Management - KOT Software for Restaurant is Kitchen Note management and Food order processing queue.

Kitchen Note - Restaurant KOT software runs on either Windows based desktop machine or Android based SMART TV.

Restaurant KOT and Restaurant Billing Software suitable for large restaurant where Table wise KOT submitted wireless and processed by kitchen manager on first cum first
serve on priority basis.

This Restaurant KOT System has following feature and its parts of in house Restaurant Management Platforms.

  • 1.All Pending KOT List - First cum first served basis
  • 2.Item wise list of KOT on display with remarks or cooking attributes.
  • 3.Change individual item form pending to cooked
  • 4.Complete entire KOT in one click
  • 5.View completed KOT list
  • 6.View item wise pending list
  • 7.Print KOT - Kitchen Note

Bonrix Restaurant Tablet Ordering System is wireless restaurant ordering software that can works on Android tablet as well as Windows tablet by waiter or captain.

This simple restaurant order taking system is part of large for Restaurant Management System where multiple captain/waiter submit food order simultaneous on multiple table.

Bonrix Restaurant Billing Software is a complete POS Billing and Inventory software where captain has given all responsibility for collecting order from customer table using
Tablet or Mobile POS.

This Captain Tablet app has following Features

  • 1.Quick menu nevigation - Item and category wise
  • 2.Food item search
  • 3.Table managment
  • 4.Collection Order from particular table
  • 5.Submit immediate KOT - Kitchen Note Print
  • 6.Complete Billing and Invoicing
  • 7.Payment Collection.
  • 8.Marking Table for Clean / Reserved / Occupied / Available
  • 9.Print Invoice

Bonrix Restaurant Management software provides desktop based and tablet based system for easy operation of restaurants.

This Bonrix Restaurant Billing Software is multi machine as as well as single machine desktop system supported on Hybrid environment Windows OS + Android OS

Bonrix Restaurant POS and Inventory management support GST taxation and GST Reporting. This software divided into three major portions.

  • 1.POS for Manager - Desktop Software - Windows OS
  • 2.Restaurant Table Order collection By Captain - Windows and Android Tablet
  • 3.Kitchen Management - KOT Dashboard - Windows Desktop or Android SMART TV

Feature on Bonrix Restaurant Management System

  • 1.Table Managment
  • 2.Captain and Waiter Managemnt
  • 3.Inventory Management
  • 4.GST Billing and Filling
  • 5.Table Order, Home Delivery, Takeaway
  • 6.Backup
  • 7.Business Reporting



Restaurant management software is the collective term for software that is used to aid in restaurant operations. This is mainly POS software, but can include other types of software as well.
Restaurant Management Software is Restaurant POS Software for Billing & Inventory Management.
Restaurant Management Software in includes Admin,Account Management,POS,KOT and Captain Software.
Restaurant Captain is one of the very important Character of Restaurant. A Restaurant Captain do many thing to develop Restaurant / F&B service, Guests satisfaction, making warm environment etc. No restaurant or F&B department can run properly or cannot provide good service to guests without a Captain in restaurant.

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