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Bonrix Restaurant Kitchen NOT - KOT


Bonrix Kitchen Management - KOT Software for Restaurant

Bonrix Kitchen Management - KOT Software for Restaurant is Kitchen Note management and Food order processing queue.

Kitchen Note - Restaurant KOT software runs on either Windows based desktop machine or Android based SMART TV.

Restaurant KOT and Restaurant Billing Software suitable for large restaurant where Table wise KOT submitted wireless and processed by kitchen manager on first cum first
serve on priority basis.

This Restaurant KOT System has following feature and its parts of in house Restaurant Management Platforms.

  • 1.All Pending KOT List - First cum first served basis
  • 2.Item wise list of KOT on display with remarks or cooking attributes.
  • 3.Change individual item form pending to cooked
  • 4.Complete entire KOT in one click
  • 5.View completed KOT list
  • 6.View item wise pending list
  • 7.Print KOT - Kitchen Note

Screen Shots

Pending Kot Items

Complete Kot Item

Pending Item Wise Report

Restaurant kitchen Not

Bonrix Restaurant KOT - POS Kitchen Ordering - Smart TV App

Bonrix Restaurant POS - KOT Kitchen Order Ticket Android Smart TV App

Bonrix Restaurant KOT - POS Kitchen Ordering System is part of Restaurant management system. Bonrix Restaurant POS is available with KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) printing facility as well as kitchen management system where as kitchen manager maintain all KOT - Kitchen Order Token and finished it first cum first server basis.

This app is suitable for Restaurant Billing Software where kitchen operates as separate units, This app is design for Android SMART TV, Android Tablet or Android Mobile. App has also facility for printing KOT - Kitchen note once again on Thermal receipt Printer - Kitchen Printer

Following are the features of KOT Android APP

  • 1. User login access
  • 2. Pending and Complete KOT list view
  • 3. Complete marking of KOT for completion or partial marking for individual items.
  • 4. Total item wise pending list of all not prepared items
  • 5. Printing KOT - Kitchen note on thermal receipt printer - Receipt Printer
  • 6. Remark in each food order is also visible for cooking assistance,

Kitchen Order Token

Screen Shots

Mobile View

Tablet View

Smart TV App