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Retail businesses supported are :

The Standard and Premium versions for RetailDesks are built to cater various retail business verticals as follows. Do not worry if your retail business is not listed below, we can provide you POS solution in with Premium RetailDesk.

  1. Super Market, Retail Shop and Shopping Malls
  2. Garment, Cloth, Apparel and Footwear Store
  3. Food court and Tea and Coffee Shop
  4. Beauty parler, Spa and Salon
  5. Hardware and Furniture Store
  6. Dairy and Sweet Shop
  7. Flowers and Boutiques
  8. Mobile store and Accessories
  9. SPA & Beauty Salon
  10. Supermarket
  11. Toy Showrooms
  12. Cosmetics
  13. Computer Hardware and Spares
  14. Wine and Sprits